What started as a blogpost turned into a white paper that was never published. It grew too big for a white paper.  Even the initial idea to make it a small booklet did not work when looking at the complete innovations complex. You may notice that we are using the word innovations, as plural of innovation. 100 years ago an innovation was a singular earth shattering event. Whether it was the automobile, the telephone, the TV and so forth. But today we have countless innovations, like Wifi, Internet, blueTooth based radio, LEDs, electric autonomous cars, artificial intelligence, blockchain, smart homes, artificial meat, AI based chatbots, Augmented Reality, UI-less computing i.e. Alexa, genetic engineering, social media, easy to fly drones, instant digital payment across the planet, and countless other innovations. And there are all indications that the speed of innovation may continue to grow as almost all nations engage in stimulating innovations.

In the past six months, the book is nicely progressing and rather complete. Let me share the chapters to get an idea about its content:
1) Act of invention
2) Models of Innovation
3) Innovations Paradigm
Innovation Flow
Innovation Stakeholder
Innovation Creation Hemisphere
Innovation Value Hemisphere
4) Innovative Thinking
5) From Innovation to Disruption
6) Innovation Culture
7) Innovation Value Creation
8) Ecosystem Building (nation)
9) Innovations @ Work (business)
10) Future of Innovation

The hardest part is to keep it below 200 pages. :)